STORY#3: the cap

We all have one or two laying around, a piece of attire that not only exudes beauty, but possesses practicalities. Behold, the cap – an accessory born of necessity – designed to shield the visage from the blinding rays of the sun during activities such as baseball, or even a walk through the park. 

Its roots can be traced back to baseball, where straw hats were first worn on a sunny day, way back in the year 1849. Yet, as time passed, a more refined design emerged, one that featured a crown and visor made of fine merino wool. This style soon became the archetype for caps, not just in baseball but in other sports such as cricket, golf, and tennis.


But what of the tale of frisco and their journey to market a corduroy cap? Many types of caps exist in the world, from the tacky trucker cap to the hip-hop flat cap, but frisco chose the dad cap – also known as the baseball cap. And yet, this is not the most curious part, for the true intrigue lies in how one should wear a frisco cap. 

The answer lies in the velve, for it is to be worn in the front, allowing the wearer to disappear into the crowd, to remain anonymous, to focus on the matters at hand without the distractions of the outside world. In this turbulent existence, moments of peace are scarce and coveted. The frisco cap offers sanctuary, a respite from the disorder of daily life. 


Looking good?