STORY#2: the corduroy

Behold, a most enchanting fabric that has woven its way through time with a rich history. A cloth that stirs nostalgic feelings in many, as if a memory from a long-forgotten past. The corduroy suit was once a beloved trend, embraced for its warmth during cold and grey winter seasons. 

The true origins of this fabric lie in a forgotten past, a distant ancestor known as “fustian” that first emerged in the Egyptian city of Fustat over two thousand years ago. It was a beloved fabric in its time, favored by locals for centuries, until it was introduced to the nobles of Western Europe by Italian merchants during the Medieval period. 

Throughout its journey, it became known as “corduroy,” a name derived from the French “corde du roi,” or “cloth of the king.”  The modern corduroy that we know and love emerged in Manchester, England during the late 18th century, originally intended as factory wear during the Industrial Revolution. For over a century, it remained a fabric of the working class, until it was rediscovered by the likes of college students and beatniks during the 1960s, who made it an alternative to their denim jeans and chinos. 

Rencently, corduroy returned as a popular choice for those who embrace the vintage style, particularly among skaters, surfers, and other trendsetters. Its wale texture, composed of tufted cords and vertical ridges, makes it a durable choice for trousers, jackets, and shirts. 

Many names have been given to this fabric, including “corded velveteen,” “elephant cord,” “pin cord,” and “Manchester cloth,” to name but a few. The caps produced by frisco are made from the finest corduroy fabric, manufactured in the sun-soaked lands of Portugal. 

For us, corduroy is more than just a fabric, it is a journey that has left indelible footprints throughout history. Its revival in modern fashion is but a breath of new life, a reminder of its past and a celebration of its continued relevance.

And so, let us revel in the undeniable popularity of the corduroy cap, a fashion trend that continues to flourish in the year 2022/2023. The story continues… 

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