STORY#1: the creation

Our story started on an unusual bad hair day. It was a bleak November day in the year 2021, during the time when the world was in the grip of an unprecedented pandemic. Even in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, people were feeling the weight of isolation and mental exhaustion. However, amidst the lockdowns, a group of young adults found solace in their creative pursuits. Behind the shadows and the sheds, they exchanged thoughts, finding an escape from the monotony. But this was not where the story began. We must journey back to a bright and sunny day in April of the same year.

April 21, 2021 – Giel, the youngest face of frisco, was celebrating his birthday. With his older brothers, Tjeu and Noud, and their friend Daan, they spent the day surfing the shores of The Hague, showing off their skills learned in Portugal. Well, there was actually just one showing off his skills and that was only Daan. After some beers and pushing from the guys, Tjeu decided to have a tattoo that day. That means we had to hurry home and get that tattoo machine of Noud from the dust and start doing his magic. So we did, we hurried home and in those few minutes Tjeu had to come up with a tattoo and the right spot for it. 

In that short moment of spontaneity, Tjeu decided, out of the blue, that the word ‘frisco.’ will be etched onto his right thigh. Little did he know that this impulsive decision would lead to a series of events that would change their lives. Unfortunately, alcohol, sea water, and sun were not the right ingredients for the healing of a tattoo on your thigh where the skin is thin. Some months later ‘frisco.’ became more of an ‘erisco.’. The tattoo became a blowout. Great… That got Tjeu overthinking his actions, and probably life, for a while.  


Fast forward a year and a few months, and the pandemic was still raging, but our group of friends had something special brewing. Remco, Tjeu, and Tom were sharing their business plans and ideas, determined to bring something new into the world. It was during one of these conversations that they stumbled upon an idea to revive the vintage fabric of corduroy. As they delved deeper into their idea, they realized they needed a name that would stick, a name that people would remember. And so, ‘frisco.’ was born – a name that struck like lightning and changed everything. 

But it wasn’t just the name that had a deeper significance. For us, ‘frisco.’ was a constant reminder and a symbol of the unpredictable and mysterious nature of life, of the choices we make and the unforeseen consequences that follow. And so, as the three friends embarked on their new venture, Tjeu held onto his ‘erisco.’ tattoo, a constant reminder of the journey that had brought them there. 

Looking good?