STORY#3: the cap

We all have one or two laying around, a piece of attire that not only exudes beauty, but possesses practicalities. Behold, the cap – an accessory born of necessity – designed to shield the visage from the blinding rays of the sun during activities such as baseball, or even a walk through the park.  Its roots can […]

STORY#2: the corduroy

Behold, a most enchanting fabric that has woven its way through time with a rich history. A cloth that stirs nostalgic feelings in many, as if a memory from a long-forgotten past. The corduroy suit was once a beloved trend, embraced for its warmth during cold and grey winter seasons.  The true origins of this […]

STORY#1: the creation

Our story started on an unusual bad hair day. It was a bleak November day in the year 2021, during the time when the world was in the grip of an unprecedented pandemic. Even in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, people were feeling the weight of isolation and mental exhaustion. However, amidst the lockdowns, a […]